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A window of 2 hours has been established for the start time and will be communicated along with the route to all participants.

  • All participants must wear a helmet​

  • All participants must comply with The Highway Code

  • Participants must be prepared for the distance involved in this ride and need to be sure that the whole ride is within their cycling capability.

  • All adult participants are responsible for their own well-being during the ride and should be prepared for situations such as adverse weather conditions, mechanical problems and flat tyres.

  • Information and an emergency phone number for support will be provided and communicated to all participants in the event of any serious incident. Support does not extend to riders getting lost or experiencing minor cycling related incidents  (punctures, minor mechanical problems, changes in environmental conditions etc).

  • Riders are encouraged to ride in small groups with equal ability so that individual riders are not left on their own during the ride.

  • All riders should be aged 18 years or older and be competent at a level equivalent to the Level 2 Cycle Training Standards (riders between 16-18 may be allowed to enter but must be accompanied by an adult. The adult must take full responsibility for the welfare of the young rider and be sure of their ability to complete the distance. A consent form must be signed by the adult).

  • Refreshments will be available at the start of the event, at the Humber Bridge car park and at the finish point.

  • Toilets - There will be toilets available at 3 of the water/feed stations

  • Riders will need to sign on at the start of the event, register their name at the Humber Bridge feed station and at the finish point for ride safety & management.

  • We expect front riders in groups to warn other riders behind of potholed, non-level surfaces, parked vehicles, slower cyclists, road junctions & other hazards that may be presented in their path as their view will be obstructed by the front riders.

  • The full event risk assessment can be found here 

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